The World has changed, People from every background, culture and creed are looking to connect with one another. Travel the world and experience different lifestyles with a fast pace and increasingly open access to amazing cities and lifestyles that only a few decades ago would have been out of reach and of course work is fundamental to this.

Escape Network is one of the fastest growing full service Recruitment Agencies with offices in Oxford Street, London (UK) and Madrid and Ibiza (Spain). On one side we are specialised in providing the right candidates for medium and large businesses.

Our aim is to accommodate for anyone’s lifestyle choices by finding them the work or training they would need to not just find a career but provide them with the training necessary to integrate into the culture and society of any nation of Europe they choose to live and work in.
To put it simply, We’re here to help you find the path you need to live and work comfortably wherever you choose to lay your head. We believe in change and aim to conform you to the ever evolving nature of the World. We began our journey from Oxford Street, London. Ventured to Ibiza and Madrid, we have thrived throughout and aim to be in every major city in the World.

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